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Spiritual Disciplines for the New Year

Spiritual growth

Does anyone make meaningful annual resolutions anymore? There are important resolutions to make, physically, socially, economically, etc. Most resolutions feel like emotional reactions to all the mistakes we made the previous years. In an effort to correct our bulging waistlines, our broken relationships, or our beleaguered balance sheets, we determine to "do better," or...

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Advancing the Gospel in 2021

quick link_Jesus saves

When Paul wrote his letter to the Philippians he did not complain or grumble about the fact that he was imprisoned due to his faithful proclamation of the gospel. Instead, he expressed gratitude for the fact that the gospel was advancing because of his imprisonment. He wrote, ...

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Give Thanks More than Once a Year

Thank you

For some, 2020 has made it more difficult to be thankful. Everything that once brought us life feels disrupted. Difficult circumstances we cannot control have robbed us of what we could otherwise enjoy. The worst thing we can do is grumble out loud (and online) or dispute silently within ourselves. I have learned the hard way how this kind of approach makes things worse. W...

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News Media and Spiritual Formation


We are all being shaped by various influences in our lives. A couple of important questions we must ask therefore is: how am I being formed? Who or what is influencing my thoughts, attitudes, desires, words and actions?...

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Pastoral Update | October 1, 2020 (COVID)


The elders are continuing to navigate this difficult time in our community, striving to determine what is right, safe, and wise. Relative to this pandemic, we have discovered that very little is black and white. As we journey through every changing shade of gray, our elders wanted to take a moment to clarify our position in order to avoid any confusion and alleviate any co...

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A Word About Unity


***Below are a few pastoral comments shared in our most recent member meeting*** Without question, many of us feel separated and disconnected. This long trial has tested our patience, our discernment and our love. As I have said more than once, even if we have not been exposed TO the virus, many have been exposed BY this pandemic. I wanted to take a few minutes to sp...

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What other story is God telling?


It feels like we are living in the middle of the book of Judges. If you feel desparing, or downright scared, about our current cultural climate, you would do well skim through the book of Judges. The book of Judges is one of the most disturbing narratives in Scripture, recording of some of most disturbing people who ever lived, who do some of the most disturbing thing...

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Longing to See You Face to Face

face to face

Paul loved the churches he planted and served. Because Paul was often imprisoned or otherwise hindered from being with his people, he often writes about his desire--how he longs to be with them face to face. I remember when the emergency orders first came down in March. The gathering of the church was halted and, for the first time in 15 years, I didn't gather with ...

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40 Days of Prayer | July - August


Yesterday in our Sunday service, we spent our time in Mark 9.14-29. In this passage, Jesus responds to the pleas of a faithful Father and heals his demon-possessed son. His disciples had attempted to help the boy while Jesus was on the mountain. They had been authorized and empowered to "cast out demons" by Jesus (Mark 3.15; 6.6.7) but could not help this particular boy...

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Elder Update | July 1st (Part 1)

Elder update

Fearless, Hopeful and Helpful - Part 1 In the summer of 1854, a cholera epidemic hit London, where a 19-year-old Charles Spurgeon had recently begun his pastoral ministry. He would go on to have a prolific preaching ministry becoming known as the ‘prince of preachers.’ In a sermon given on February 18th, 1855, Spurgeon said,...

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