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Restoration Counseling

Restoration Counseling | Restoring My Story

Restoration Counseling provides a safe, welcoming place where those who are hurting in our church, and our community, can find healing and hope.  

Counsel is freely given to help men and women meet the challenges of life in such a way as to honor Jesus and enjoy the fullness of the life he has given you. Most counseling requires curiosity about and engagement with one's story. We believe that stepping into significant stories in your own life will open up a desire to better know and reveal the story that God is telling. This often requires examining some of the memories that have influenced us the most and, in many ways, impacted how we relate to God, self, and others.

In other words, we not only discuss the what of behavior or desire, we explore the why behind it. The counsel we provide is biblical; that is, according to scriptural principles since God’s Word states that He has provided, through His promises, all that believers need for life and godliness (2 Timothy 3:16-17; 2 Peter 1:3-4). This means that Scripture alone is our final authority—we don’t believe anything above the Bible.  But that does not mean we don’t believe anything but the Bible.  

Our counsel is conducted under the authority and leadership of Restoration Road Church. In accordance with this conviction, our counselors are not licensed as psychotherapists or mental health professionals. Our intent is not to undermine secular based counseling in the community. We feel that such professionals serve an important role for the health of our community. Our team has received training through established counseling programs to help resolve issues through the gospel.

Restoration counseling is part of the pastoral ministry of Restoration Road Church (“RRC”). You will not be asked to pay any fees—expressed or implied. You may, however, be requested to purchase a limited amount of materials, such as a book. We have both male and female counselors available free of charge to those who have need.

To get started now email COUNSELING@RDCHURCH.COM

Men's & Women's Purity

We provide mentorship and host periodic study groups focused on the pursuit of conquersexual purity.  Some of these groups make use of the CONQUER SERIES.  There are also support groups avaialble for women and the wives of men caught in sexual addiction.  For more information, email us

Partnership with New Ground Counseling 

We maintain a relationship with New Ground Counseling.  Through the church, these New+Ground+-+Logoprofessional counselors offer various services at a reduced cost at our location.  If you are an interested member of Restoration Road Church, please contact us about this opportunity.