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Matthew 14.13-21 | A Satisfying Inconvenience

November 16, 2014 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: Matthew | The Revelation of the King (Book 3)

Topic: New Testament Passage: Matthew 14:13–14:21

This week we are returning to our series in the gospel of Matthew. Matthew was a tax collector. The Jews considered tax collectors the example of a “sinner” and the Romans viewed them as no better than brothel keepers . Matthew would have been despised by everyone—he was the 1% that actually did rob his own people of life to make a life for himself. He possessed the ambition to abuse, the authority to extort, and the power to imprison. This man was hated and Jesus chose Him. After Jesus called him to follow, Matthew immediately abandoned everything about his old life. He left behind wealth. He left behind position. He left behind power. He left behind security. Much like Paul who went from Murderer to Martyr, Matthew went from being moneymaker to Martyr—run through with a sword serving in Ethiopia. Read more.

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