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Joshua 15.1-19 | Know your borders

December 28, 2014 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: Stand-alone

Topic: Stand Alone Passage: Joshua 15:1–15:19

The final sermon of 2014 is aimed at helping you write, or rewrite, your resolutions for 2015. Clearly, that requires preaching from the most obscure text I could find. For those unfamiliar, the book of Joshua records the fulfillment of a promise made to Abraham hundreds of years earlier. Joshua was one of two survivors from an unfaithful generation God allowed to die in the wilderness 40 years after leaving Egypt. Moses dies and Joshua is appointed to lead the new generation into Canaan. Essentially, it is a book of war, where God’s army reclaims God’s land and brings it under God’s rule. By chapter 12, most of the conquest is over and, by chapter 15; Joshua begins distributing land among the 12 tribes, allotting the largest portion to the largest tribe, Judah. Though this passage may not be immediately invigorating, we must never forget that 2,500 years ago the Israelites savored every last detail of the boundary descriptions. Read More

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