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Matthew 17.14-20 | Having [a] Little Faith in God

January 25, 2015 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: Matthew | The Revelation of the King (Book 3)

Topic: New Testament Passage: Matthew 17:14–17:20

Peter, James, and John followed Jesus up the mountain where Jesus the self-proclaimed servant who would suffer many things; the false-teaching rabbi who would be rejected by His people; the demon-possessed dissident who would be executed by the world; reveals his true identity. He is King. He is in control. That even though He is a good King, he is not a safe one—He is to be feared. This moment on the mountain is intended to be a monument for them to hold onto when they are off of the mountain. Faith comes easy when we’re on the mountain with God.

The three disciples and Jesus travel down to the mountain. They go from basking in the presence of God with all of his glory, to dwelling in a broken world with all of its sin. Read more

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