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Matthew 19.13-15 | Who Jesus Receives

March 8, 2015 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: Matthew | The Revelation of the King (Book 3)

Topic: New Testament Passage: Genesis 19:13–19:15

The Kingdom of God is all about restoring the relationships that were destroyed by sin in the beginning. The Bible says that through Jesus, God is reconciling all things to Himself. The reconciliation of a relationship with God leads to reconciliation of a relationship with self, with others, and even with creation itself. It will be tempting for those who do not have children, or have grown children, to check out. Jesus is not instructing moms and dads in this passage—he is teaching disciples what it means to be disciples. All disciples, not just Christian parents, have a responsibility to disciple children. How we live our lives will influence FOUR different generations. Our decisions will impact the generation that came before us; the generation that we ourselves are in; the generation of our children, and even the generation of our grand-children. This is both passive and active, in other words, it will happen naturally but it should happen intentionally. Such intentionally requires a major readjustment of priorities according to a value system contrary to the world. This is not a sermon designed to guilt you into serving in Kid’s Road. But, if we all truly understand the nature of God’s Kingdom and what Jesus reveals He values most, we should be overwhelmed with requests instead of vacancies to shepherd His children.  Read more

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