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Genesis 3.1-7 | God Planned for Rebellion

December 13, 2015 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: BEDROCK | Genesis 1-11

Topic: Old Testament Passage: Genesis 3:1–7

Moses penned the book of Genesis as the newly born nation of God wandered in the wilderness. As he recorded the events of the day, it’s likely that as God met with Moses face to face in the tent of meeting, Moses was taught the history of God’s world. The Egyptian land that they had come from and the Promised land of Canaan where they were going were both full of pagan idolatry. God had set apart the Hebrew people to be different. In order to live in the world as His people, God needed to give them a foundation from which to build. Genesis revealed to that all of the gods of the world (animals, ocean, stars, moon, etc.) were created by God. As they entered into lands full of paganism and immorality, Genesis revealed to them that life was sacred, that marriage was holy, that sexuality was a gift to steward, and that godly families were essential in building God-glorifying culture.

But more than anything, the creation account revealed the power and authority of God’s Word. Moses now was a spokesperson for God—a prophet—who would communicate God’s Word to His people. The first two chapters reveal the blessing that comes when Creation rightly responds to God’s Word and believes Him. Chapter 3 reveals what comes when His creation rejects His Word and denies Him.

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