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Genesis 11 | When God Did Not Let Us

February 28, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: BEDROCK | Genesis 1-11

Topic: Old Testament Passage: Genesis 11:1–26

At this time, the whole earth—the majority of civilization—used the same language and lived in the same place. The “Nimrodians” were numerous, they were strong, there were unified. Enamored with their own wisdom and impressed with their own strength, in pride, men decided to build a life on themselves, by themselves, and for themselves. Rejecting their need for God or any responsibility to obey His Word, men invited other men to “Come” and join them in their idolatry. God will not let them all be Nimrods, and neither does He let us. He shatters their dream tower, so that he can gather them into a better one.

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