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Greater Love | Matthew 27.1-44

March 20, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: GOD IS GREATER | Easter 2016

Topic: Topical Series Passage: Matthew 27:1–44

For hundreds of years, they have been waiting for another prophet like Moses, another priest like Aaron, and another King like David. In these last weeks, Jesus reveals himself to be the prophet, priest, and King that God promised; as prophet he foretells his death, as a priest he identifies himself as the lamb of God that he will sacrifice, and in today’s text He will confirm his identity as the coming King who will rule. But Jesus is an unexpected King. He offends everyone with his teaching—both the religious and the irreligious. And as a result, Jesus is rejected by everyone, leaders, soldiers, and priests. Yet, ironically, each group identifies Jesus as King in their own way. Through their mockery, they praise the one who is humbly giving himself into their hands. And therein lays the difference between earthly and heavenly kings. Earthly kings take for themselves and force us to see others less important than ourselves. Our heavenly King gives of himself and helps us to see others more important than ourselves. And whatever king rules your inner heart, will be the king who rules your outer life.

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