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The Helper Dwells

April 24, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: Helper | God the Holy Spirit

Topic: Topical Series Passage: Acts 2:1–14, John 14:15–17, John 14:26–27, John 15:26–27

HOW we worship or live life, must always be connected with WHO we worship or live our lives for. Someone who is much smarter than me once said that, when you become a Christian, your enemy list grows from one to three. Before you believed, God was your only enemy. But when Jesus saved you, the devil, the flesh, and the world declared war. And our enemies attack us spiritually—trying to lead us into error about God, ourselves, or our mission. The spirits of the world never stop talking. This is why God gave us the Spirit of truth to dwell in our hearts—to speak truth to us from within. First, the Spirit of truth is our counselor. Second, the Spirt of truth is our teacher. Finally, the Spirit of truth is our evangelizer.

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