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Genesis 15 | The Anchor of the Gospel

June 19, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: COVENANT | Genesis 12-24

Topic: Old Testament Passage: Genesis 15:1–24

Our text begins with the LORD encouraging Abram to NOT fear. Fear is powerful. Fear has the power to govern our emotions, our perceptions, and our actions. Despite whatever best has happened, fear can cause us to believe the worst will happen. Even if we have believed what God has promised, when those promises are not fulfilled according to our expectations we fear whether God is really going to come through. We believe God is merciful, but we are afraid to make a confession. We believe God is sanctifying, but we are afraid to make an effort. We believe God is gracious, but we are afraid to make a mistake. We believe God is generous, but we are afraid to make a request. We believe God is sovereign, but we are afraid to make a decision. We believe God, but we struggle to trust Him.

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