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Genesis 20 | Two Kinds of Fear

July 31, 2016 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: COVENANT | Genesis 12-24

Topic: Old Testament Passage: Genesis 20

This seemingly unnecessary passage teaches us about God. Without doubt, both Abraham and Lot also have one other thing in common—they both fear the world more than they fear God. Having made his mistakes at Sodom, Lot finds himself living in isolation. Shortly after arriving at the “little city” God allowed him to flee to, Lot moves out to the hills because he is afraid to live there. In an effort to protect what he loves most, he lives in a cave away from the world. Abraham, on the other hand, remains in the world governed by the fear of what a godless city might do to him and his family. Sin finds them both.

The issue at hand is not WHAT we fear most, but WHO we fear most. And WHO we fear most is directly related to WHAT we love most.

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