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Restoration Kids

Restoration Kids exists to keep kids safe, to love them well, and to show them Jesus.

The mission of our Restoration Kids ministry is the same as all of our ministries--to make disciples.  God has blessed our church with many children.  It is our responsibility to develop these children into mini-missionaries to the next generation. 

For what ages is Restoration Kids offered?

Restoration Kids is offered for children from 6 months through 5th grade for both services. The classes are as follows: 6 months – 23 months, 2-3 year olds, Preschool, Kindergarten-2nd grade.

Can I have a copy of the policy handbook?

Yes, please click here for the policy handbook.

How do I check in my child?

All children who are attending Restoration Kids for the first time need to be registered. Registration can be completed at the Restoration Kids registration table downstairs. Our registration team is available for assistance and to answer any questions.

Do I need to check my child out after service?

Yes. All children must be checked-out by an authorized person using the check-out system. You will receive two labels with matching alphanumeric codes. One label is placed on your child and the other is for parents to turn in at check out.

What if I need to be contacted during the service?

Watch the presentation screens for your assigned alphanumeric code on your label; when displayed, please come downstairs to see your child.

Who are volunteers at Restoration Kids?

All volunteers have had a required background check, personal interview, orientation, and training.  Our volunteers come from all walks of life. Some have children or grandchildren; others are singles or married couples. We also have children and student volunteers.  Some volunteers serve every week, others monthly, but we try to ensure kids have a consistent group of leaders in their classrooms. 

What security measures do you have in place to provide for my child’s safety?

The check-in/check-out system ensures that every child who participate in Restoration Kids is released only to an authorized parent or guardian at the end of the service. In addition, we run background checks on all our volunteers. We also do not take children to the restroom or change a diaper; this duty is for the parents. All classrooms are staffed by a team of two or more volunteers. Additionally, all classrooms are monitored by the Restoration Road Church security team.

What is the philosophy behind Kids Road?

We believe that Jesus loved to teach children and that they can handle biblical truth at a young age. We also believe that parents are called to be the primary shepherds of their children. In other words, Restoration Kids does not only exist to teach children; it exists to equip parents to teach their children.

Our ministry is organized under the "ROUTE 11" concept. We believe in the importance of establishing a strong gospel foundation by the age of 11. This is accomplished through: teaching on Sundays, equipping parents with tools and skills to pastor their homes, and by actively incorporating children into the church body. Our desire is to include our children and youth in the service as soon as possible.

The success of our mission is dependent upon different mile-markers.  Our markers are broken down by ages to help us evaluate the success of our mission as our kids move from one age group to the next:

MILE POST 3: By age three, we want our children to be able to answer simple questions about the Bible and its stories.

MILE POST 6: By age six, we want our children to be able to explain, in their own words, the gospel and its meaning.

MILE POST 9: By age nine, we want our children to know who God is and how simple theology applies to daily living for those who love Jesus.

MILE POST 11: By age 11, the children should understand how ALL the Bible is important, how to read it, and how to study it.

 What curriculum are they currently learning?

We currently use GOSPEL PROJECT in Restoration Kids.