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Our Doctrine

Our belief in the gospel is of first importance.

Beyond that, we are a non-denominational Christian church. If we have to say more, then:

  1. We are first Christian (WE LOVE JESUS)
  2. We are second Evangelical (WE PREACH JESUS)
  3. We are third Missional (WE LIVE LIKE JESUS)
  4. We are fourth Reformed (JESUS GETS THE CREDIT FOR EVERYTHING)

We hesitate to write these because we know labels can be both helpful and harmful. Different labels often possess negative connotations generated from bad experiences or misunderstandings. So, instead of using misunderstood labels, we find it more useful to share what we actually believe the Bible teaches about God and His salvation. Suffice to say, we are Bible-saturated, Christ-exalting, God-centered, mission-advancing, soul-winning, church-loving, holiness-pursuing, sovereignty-savoring, grace-besotted, broken-hearted, happy followers of the omnipotent, crucified Christ. That is our imperfect commitment to He who is perfect.

Our official doctrinal statement can downloaded here