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Men of the Road

Restoration men's ministry exists to see men restored to how God designed them to be as: Sons of God, Brothers in Christ, Men of "the way", and Missionaries in the world.  

We believe men are important to God.

God has called men to lead. Unfortunately, the silence and failed leadership of men has made a real mess of things. Through abuse, abandonment, or avoiding responisbility all together, men have destroyed many relationships. Any man not submitted to the Lordship of Jesus Christ has pretty much made himself the center of universe and, as a result, chaos and confusion has ensured.

We believe God calls AND equips men to lead with strength and courage.

We believe in rejecting passivity. We believe in taking responsibility for ourselves, our marriages, and our children. We believe every man is a pastor or future pastor of his family first. This is a man's first calling and we believe God equips those he calls.

We believe that a community is necessary for the spiritual maturity of men.

We believe one of the greatest struggles men have is loneliness. We believe God created us to live and grow together. We have needs and we are needed.

We believe Jesus defines what is manly.

True manhood isn't exemplified in Ned Flanders or Braveheart. We believe we find our perfect example of a husband, father, brother, son, and man in Jesus of the Bible. We're not talking about buddy Jesus, boyfriend Jesus, hippy Jesus, blue-sash halo Jesus, or braveheart Jesus. We find manliness exemplified through our King and Lord who loved, lived, and died so that others might be blessed.