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Each of the following networks vary in form and function. In other words, each of them Network Relationshipsserve a different purpose for our pastors, our church, and our mission. Our membership in each of these networks is important, providing invaluable layers of accountability and cooperation.

Road Church Network |

The Road Church Network is one church that meets in different locations. Bound together by a surname “Road Church”, each church is unique but not autonomous, culturally distinct but not independent. The churches are united as one organization in identity, practice, and structure. Road Churches exists to organize one church under one elder board for one mission.

  1. This network provides legal/biblical accountability. The organization is led by biblically qualified elders and governed by the authority of Scripture. Decisions have both legal and spiritual implications. The leadership for the network is comprised of the local elders from each church in the organization.
  2. This organization allows for the highest level of local cooperation. These churches share local staff, serve on local mission together, and plan local events together.
  3. Churches planted from within this organization become part of the Road Church family. The new church becomes interdependent with the other churches in the network, organized under the one elder board for the one mission.

3Strand Church Network |

  1. The 3Strand Church Network is a group of independent like-minded churches who formally covenant together in order to more effectively live out the Great Commandment and fulfilling the Great Commission. This network exists as a church to network to connect us with the regional mission of God.
  2. The 3strand Network provides relational accountability, meaning, it does not possess legal authority over any of the churches. While there are state laws governing the functions of organization, the strength of the network is based on the relationships as defined by the covenant each church signs. (See the ACCOUNTABILTY explanation).
  3. This organization allows for regional cooperation. The proximity of the churches allows for our church bodies to fellowship and work together on mission. The churches work together to reach the region. Reaching the region includes shared planning of retreats or conferences as well as shared sacrifice to plant more churches.

Some churches planted out of the Road Church network will not be close enough to be an interdependent member of the organization. Membership in 3strand allows for independent church planting. Fully supported and sent by the Road Church Network, this new church plant will have its own distinct name, set of leaders, and unique mission. Once it is fully planted, the church will function as an autonomous member of 3Strand and daughter church of Road Church.

Acts 29 Church Network |

The Acts 29 Church Network is an association of like-minded churches across the globe. Acts 29 exists primarily to plant church-planting churches. This network exists as a peer-to-peer network connecting us with the national and international mission of God.

  1. The Acts 29 Network is an association provided associative accountability. In other words, what other Acts 29 churches do reflects on us as a church, just as what we do reflects on the network. Apart from the covenant promises we make, this network provides the least amount of legal or relational accountability.
  2. The cooperation with Acts 29 is multi-faceted and not required. There is opportunity for international, national, and some regional cooperation. Due to the absence of local Acts 29 churches, participation usually requires significant amounts of travel making it difficult and often undesirable. Most of the cooperation is localized around the lead pastor and limited to online sharing.
  3. Church planting with Acts 29 is supportive only. This includes supporting by assessing potential planters, supporting by coaching new planters, and supporting by funding existing planters.