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Restoration Road Recording



What is Restoration Road Recording?

Restoration Road Recording is a community of believers at Restoration Road that want to help you record your songs.  We provide recording and production services using 'reciprocity' as a means of exchange.  Meaning, you can use our services, and facility for free, and by doing so you agree to be a part of our community by helping others produce their music. There are many ways you can help:

1.  PRAY - Pray that this community will honor Christ with its time, talents and treasure.  
2.  PLAY - Be a 'studio musician'. Give back by doing what you love, if you love it.
3. PROVIDE - If you have cool stuff that you don't mind others using, let us know. 
4. PRODUCE - If you're an engineer, producer, or can master, your services are in demand.
5. PROMOTE - Tell others about what we are doing and help them to get connected.
6. PUBLISH - Allow us to use your songs in our worship or publishing projects.

Restoration Road Recording Projects and Artisits

Interested in learning more, or recording something that you have written?  Contact Tim Ross at restorationroadrecording@gmail.com or visit us at our Facebook page: Restoration Road Recording