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Matthew 20.29-34 | Now I can see

April 5, 2015 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: Matthew | Rejection of the King (Book 4)

Topic: Old Testament Passage: Matthew 20:29–20:34

He is Risen [He is Risen Indeed].

For those visiting, this year we decided against the bell choir, the rainbow-colored pyrotechnics show, the inflatable bunny-shaped jump-houses, the pancake breakfast, and
the politically correct “spring orb” hunt. Instead, we’ve chosen to do the same thing we do EVERY Sunday—the only thing with power—we preach Jesus life, death, and resurrection. Christians speak often about the incarnation and his crucifixion, but not enough about his resurrection. The Resurrection is the linchpin by which all Christianity holds together—and yet, we for 364 days of the year, we remain relatively silent. There can never be enough sermons about Jesus’ resurrection. 

Easter was the only sermon that the disciples had. In the book of Acts, Judas’ replacement was chosen because he was a witness to His resurrection. Peter’s first sermon proclaimed the reality of Jesus resurrection. Peter’s second sermon condemned the men of Israel for killing Jesus whom God raised from the dead. The religious leaders became annoyed with the disciples because they were proclaiming the resurrection. Upon being arrested for this teaching, their entire defense rested on obeying God who raised Jesus. The first martyr’s last breaths were describing a vision of a glorified and raised Jesus which ignited a great persecution of any disciples preaching the resurrection. And the leader of that persecution, Saul, was changed from murderer to martyr after a face-to-face encounter with a resurrected Jesus. Read more.

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