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Book Review |The Catechism

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Reviews from Restoration Road Members:

“One of the greatest influences in my life, particularly in my Christian growth,
has been a faithful catechism, because it provided me with categories for
understanding the nature of God and His Word. A catechism is not a form
of empty recitation, but is a mental bookshelf in which we can organize the
profound truths of Scripture.
Theology is not merely something for scholars but is the lifeblood of the
Christian because without theology we cannot know God. DeYoung takes the
deep truths of the Heidelberg Catechism and communicates, without watering
down, the riches we find in them so that we can better know the God we serve.
The bedrock of God’s Word is the anchor to which we hold in these uncertain
times. What better way to understand, believe, and spread these truths right now
than by diving into this historical text?
This book is particularly helpful within the context of family worship and
discipleship. A catechism provides a helpful structure to work through and lends
itself well to study and memorization. DeYoung gives us an immensely helpful
commentary on a deep, rich text. I fully intend to use this in my own home, not
only for myself, but for my family, and would encourage you to do the same.”
“I remember as a very young child, the Catechism being so meaningful. I didn’t
understand all the words, but I wanted to; and it thus it gave me a deep sense of
a transcendent God and Truths, and a longing to understand them and grow into
them. None of the other child-focused materials had this impact on me.”