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Genesis 2.2-15 | God Made Work and Rest

November 8, 2015 Speaker: Sam Ford Series: BEDROCK | Genesis 1-11

Topic: New Testament Passage: Genesis 2:2–15

The Bible teaches that work and rest from work were both gifts from God. Unfortunately, our culture has turned the gift of work into a god to worship and rest is our regular sacrifice at its altar. Of course, few will admit this, but it is true for many of us whether we are working in the world or working at home. Our sense of success, failure, joy, despair, strength, weakness, hope, and fear—our overall sense of satisfaction and significance—are all wrapped up in what we do, how well we do it, and whether or not people see me and approve. Essentially, we have wrongly made work about our satisfaction, our and our significance. Genesis chapter two reveals just the opposite: That God is a worker who rests and, being made in His Image, He gave us the gift of work to glorify Him and the gift of rest to enjoy Him.

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